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This constantly-updated page will contain commentary and links to Advocacy-related stories of interest:

April 5, 2013:  2013 Bissett Distinguished Alumni Award to Sean Moore

Advocacy School Principal Sean Moore recipient of Carleton University's 2013 Bissett Distinguished Alumni Award 

"In reviewing nominations for this award, the committee was mindful that our intent is to support and recognize innovation and achievement in the public sector, broadly defined, not in government alone.  As a School that values a richer democracy and more informed public discourse, we welcome this opportunity to recognize the achievements of someone who has spent a career in enhancing democracy and transparency in this country, particularly in building the capacity of non-governmental organizations (nonprofits, charities and professional associations) to be more effective at engaging the policy process." (Click the link above to continue reading)

April 3, 2013: How to Advocate for Care

Click here to read a great summary of a workshop done by Donna Thomson on advocating for caregiving and homecare.  

Donna Thomson's article is the first part in a series aimed at getting people to think a little differently about how to advocate, specifically for those interested in homecare and caregiving.

May 29, 2012: Lobby Monitor

Advocacy School offering community groups, charities, better access to 'the system'

Sean Moore, Principal of Advocacy School, is interviewed at length for an article in the June 2012 issue of The Lobby Monitor. (Link above opens a PDF copy of the article). 

December 13, 2011: Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Effecting Policy Change: Lessons from the Canadian Caregiver Coalition

Anne Makhoul: This community story details the Canadian Caregiver Coalition’s efforts to streamline its operations, build a national caregiving policy agenda and support similar work undertaken by the recently established Ontario Caregiver Coalition.

March 7, 2011: The Philanthropist Magazine

Can Public Policy Advocacy be Taught? Or Learned?

In this article, Advocacy School Prinicpal, Sean Moore, makes the case for the need for more expertise in influencing public policy from the charitable and not-for-profit sector and suggests how this may be obtained. Click the link above to read the story.

March 1, 2011:

Community Organizers learn the power of persuasion

In this article from the UK, the author attends a workshop on the art of influence for communities in control of their own public services. Click the link above to read the story.



More advocacy-related stories and commentary coming soon!