Application for Mentoring / Coaching Services

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Please click here to download the Advocacy School Application for Mentoring / Coaching Services as a writable PDF.

Download Application Form

While there is no Advocacy School fee charged for submitting an Application for Mentoring / Coaching services, a  $500 Canadian (HST included) fee  is payable if a match is made and Mentoring / Coaching services are provided. Advocacy School will acknowledge receipt of your application upon arrival. It may then take a week or more before we’re able to get back to you. While every effort will be made to match your needs with one of our Mentors / Coaches, we cannot guarantee a match will be found.

Disclaimer: While Advocacy School diligently screens, recruits and assists its Mentors / Coaches, it does not guarantee results or outcomes of the mentoring / coaching services provided to applicant individuals or organizations.

Please send the completed application by e-mail or fax to Advocacy School:

Fax:  613-728-9864