James Mitchell

James Mitchell is a founding partner of the policy-consulting firm Sussex Circle. After several years as a university lecturer, Mr. Mitchell began his government career in 1978 in the Department of Foreign Affairs before moving to the Privy Council Office in 1983. He later served as Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Board and, from 1991 to 1994, as Assistant Secretary to the Cabinet (Machinery of Government).  In the latter capacity he was responsible for providing advice to successive Secretaries to the Cabinet and Prime Ministers on matters related to the organization of government, the reform and renewal of the Public Service, and a host of other issues related to the workings of Westminster government in Canada.

As a consultant, Mr. Mitchell has provided policy and organizational advice in virtually every area of federal responsibility.  He is well known as an author and lecturer on public administration and public policy. Some of his speeches and articles can be found on the Sussex Circle website www.sussexcircle.com under the heading ‘Ideas’.

A native of British Columbia, Mr. Mitchell holds a PhD in philosophy from the University of Colorado.  He is married (Margaret Mitchell) and has two grown children – one a professor of classics at Dalhousie and the other an RCMP officer.

Organization: Sussex Circle
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